Thank you for your interest in the Pre-Vac Program at MLX.  The following criteria is required  in order to sell at these events:

  • All calves must be weaned for 60 days prior to the sale date
  • Regimen of shots must be completed (two rounds: Live, Inactive or Modified Virus and one round of pasteurella)
        -See FORM for a list of shots accepted and requirements-
  • If cattle have horns, they must be cut back behind the ears
  • NO bulls; must be steers or heifers (all heifers must be guaranteed open)
  • All paperwork must be submitted to MLX one month prior to the sale date
  • A mandatory farm visit from Roger or Mark; ear tags will be provided during this visit

Call to schedule a Farm Visit:

Roger 580-286-1917

Mark 903-826-5582

Fax or email paperwork to us at:


[email protected]

[email protected]